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The Top 15 Best Breakfast Food Items

At George’s Burgers, we understand the importance of breakfast. It’s the first meal of your day, and it should be taken seriously. After all, breakfast is your first chance at getting some energy in your body so you can go full speed for the rest of the day. Thankfully, there are a ton of breakfast items you can mix and match to create the best breakfast food combination.

We have broken down the top 15 best breakfast food so you can find your perfect first meal of the day – or just the perfect meal of the day in general, since breakfast for dinner is an amazing choice. We offer most of these options at George’s Burgers all day, every day, so stop by today to get the best breakfast food!

Breakfast burrito

15. Breakfast Burrito

As one of the more savory options on this list, breakfast burritos are a filling breakfast option. Like normal burritos with a flour tortilla, breakfast burritos use many breakfast staples, including eggs, cheese, hash browns and some type of meat (sausage, egg or ham) and vegetables (onions and peppers).

Cinnamon roll

14. Cinnamon Rolls

The thought of gooey cinnamon rolls covered in melting icing should make anyone’s mouth water. This delectable treat is a top contender for anyone looking for a sweet start to the day.


13. Miscellaneous Grain Items

Okay, we know the title sounds a little weird, but this category includes biscuits, croissants, muffins, English muffins, toast and bagels. Many of these grain items come in multiple variations. For example, muffins can have blueberries, chocolate, cinnamon, banana, nuts and more. No matter which you go with, any of these items are great with toppings: butter, jam, jelly, lox, cream cheese.


12. Fruit

We know a lot of the items on this list are not the healthiest options, so what more could you want in a bowl of fresh fruit? Whether it’s bananas and apples or berries and melons, fresh fruit is a great start to the day. Better yet, mix your fruit with some yogurt and granola, and you now have one of the best breakfast food items ever.

Hash browns

11. Hash Browns

Hash browns, or fried shredded potatoes, are usually a breakfast side, but they can be a full meal if you add on cheese and meat. Try some delicious hash browns today!


10. Doughnuts

Okay, who doesn’t love deep-fried dough with frosting and sprinkles on top? A tasty, sugary doughnut in the morning is a good way to start the day, especially if you are in a hurry. Doughnuts are also a great breakfast item to share at work with your coworkers.


9. Cereal

If hot food isn’t your favorite thing in the morning, a bowl of cereal is a perfect alternative. You can go for sugary sweet or healthy and nutritious. With hundreds of types of cereal, it’s not like you can go wrong with a cereal option.

French toast

8. French Toast

French toast is an elevated option for anyone who loves normal toast. With cinnamon and sugar, French toast is a yummy breakfast option.


7. Omelets

Another popular breakfast item is the omelet. Made with eggs and cheese, this dish comes in endless varieties. Fillings can range from meat to vegetables to other breakfast items. At George’s Burgers, we have 10 different types of omelets so you can find your perfect type.


6. Waffles

There’s no way we couldn’t have waffles on this list. Whether it’s chicken and waffles, chocolate chip waffles, fruity waffles, plain waffles or some other type, you’re going to be happy. With their large, deep squares that are perfect for holding butter and syrup, make yourself happy with some crispy but light waffles in the morning.

5. Oatmeal or Grits

Since oatmeal and grits are pretty close to each other, we combined them for this category. The nice part about oatmeal and grits – which are another healthy option on this list – is that you can add delicious food on top. Grits and shrimp, for example, is a staple breakfast item, while oatmeal with cinnamon is a must-have in the fall season. No matter which you go with, you are guaranteed a filling and healthy breakfast.

Breakfast sandwich

4. Breakfast Sandwich

Like many breakfast items on this list, the breakfast sandwich can be adapted to your preference. Whether it’s a bacon, cheese and egg sandwich, a sausage, cheese and egg sandwich or a plain egg and cheese sandwich, breakfast sandwiches are a good way to start the day. Though most sandwiches are made using toast, you can mix it up by using biscuits or English muffins instead. Try different types of meats, cheeses and even vegetables for that extra special touch.


3. Eggs

There is no going wrong with eggs – as one of the most versatile breakfast foods with lots of protein, this makes eggs one of the best breakfast foods, especially when you can put so many toppings with them (cheese, vegetables, meat). You can make scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, eggs Benedict, fried eggs, boiled eggs; the list doesn’t end. Literally, you can cook eggs in so many different ways and still get an amazing breakfast.


2. Bacon or Sausage

Honestly, we couldn’t decide if bacon or sausage was the better breakfast food, so we put them together. Whether it’s crispy, sizzling bacon or juicy, filling sausage, you’re getting one of the best breakfast food items on this list.


1. Pancakes

However, the best breakfast food item is…pancakes! Whether they are sweet or savory, plain or covered in tons of toppings, pancakes are always delicious and enjoyable. Use tons of toppings, including fruits, syrups and whipped cream to elevate your pancakes. At George’s Burgers, we make some of the most fantastic pancakes around, so stop by today to enjoy some!

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