Homemade pancake

Homemade Pancakes

Like most pancake eaters, you probably make your “homemade” pancakes from the box – you know, the kind that says “just add water.” Granted, these pancakes can get the job done, (if the job is looking for instant pancakes) but every once in a while, you may decide to make real homemade pancakes.

Even then, the job isn’t always that easy – it takes some practice to perfect those golden, yummy flapjacks. If you are looking for truly delicious homemade pancakes, try one of these five tips to get a better outcome – or combine all five and see what happens!

Tip 1: Buttermilk or Milk Instead of Water

Water doesn’t add to the homemade pancake’s flavor or texture. Instead of water, use milk (preferably whole or half) to create homemade pancake batter. To really upgrade the pancake, use buttermilk.

The nice thing about buttermilk is that any leftovers can be used to make fried chicken or buttermilk biscuits. Always think ahead to your next meal.

If you don’t like milk, try sparkling or soda water. Either will make the homemade pancakes fluffier. Coffee can even be used as a substitute to inject an instant kick of caffeine into your system.

Tip 2: Spice Up the Dry Mix

Experiment with other spices to mix in the homemade pancake batter. You can change the taste of the homemade pancake to match the season. For example, add pumpkin spice for the fall.

A dash of lemon juice is a nice touch. Some vanilla extract or cinnamon can also create a flavorful homemade pancake.

There are literally no limits – try nutmeg, ginger, orange extract, whatever your heart desires!

Tip 3: Beat Egg Whites and Add

Even though most pancake mixes (including the box mixes) already include egg, add a fresh egg to the homemade pancake batter for texture – you will be so happy with your fluffy pancakes.

Separate the egg yolk from the whites. Whisk the yolk directly into the pancake batter. Beat the egg whites and fold it into the batter right before you start cooking.

Tip 4: Add Ricotta Cheese

This tip may sound a little crazy but add some ricotta cheese. A little bit of the cheese instantly creates creamy, fluffy pancakes you will go crazy for.

Homemade pancake 3

Tip 5: Have fun with the Toppings

The most fun way to alter a homemade pancake’s outcome is the toppings. There are so many different options!

You could focus on the syrup. Instead of original syrup, try to get real maple syrup. Alcohol-infused syrup for adults is another fun alternative.

Other toppings – aside from the obvious chocolate chips or sliced bananas – could be fruit substitutes like berries, pineapples or pears.

Sprinkle on some granola or chopped nuts. Crumble up some bacon. Throw on some green onions and cheese.

The sky is the limit on perfecting your homemade pancakes.

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