The Great American Burger: A Brief History

Burgers are one of America’s most popular foods but where did they originate? Why are they called hamburgers yet they don’t have any ham? Historians believe that the name hamburger originated in Hamburg, German, where it was first created and enjoyed before it was brought to America. However, there have been many twists and turns along the way with regard to history of this item! Do you want to learn more about the history of hamburger? Continue reading to learn.

The Origins of Hamburgers

Most historians agree that the hamburger originates from Hamburg, Germany, before the German immigrants brought with them when they migrated to the US in numbers. They combined ground meat with onions, breadcrumbs, and eggs to make patties, which were referred to as “hamburger steaks.”

It is believed that Germans first came into contact with ground meat in Baltic, Russia. According to historians, patties were consumed as raw ground meat in Baltic, and German merchants trading with Russians in the area were among the first to encounter it. The Germans eventually decided to cook this meat in patties along with other ingredients and by the late 19th century, it was a common practice in Germany.

Well, while it is relatively easy to trace the origins of hamburgers to the Hamburg meat patties, we have not been able to trace who actually invented them. We probably won’t ever know for sure who started the German trend of cooking meat with other ingredients before smashing them into patties for a meal.

Hamburgers in America

With the arrival of the Germans in America, the history of the hamburger becomes even less clear, with many states disputing ownership of the first hamburger patty as it is commonly known today. The states of Wisconsin, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and New York contend that they invented the hamburger, making the history of the burger even fuzzy.

Despite the confusion, the truth is that all of these states began to serve hamburgers on their menus between 1885 and 1900 after the Germans had settled and introduced a trend that began in Hamburg. So, while states argue about who came up with the idea first. It’s unlikely that anyone will ever know who made the very first hamburger. The only thing that we are sure of is that a burger was invented by Germans in Hamburg, before immigrants introduced it in America.

Is a Hamburger a Sandwich?

Now, apart from the hamburger history debate, there has been questions whether a burger is a sandwich.

Although some people think they are the same thing, this is impossible since a burger is a very particular type of meat that is made in a circular shape and is frequently served on a circular bun in place of bread. A sandwich is also much simpler to make than a burger.

Final Word

Here is a brief history of the food item that Americans eat the most. You can rely on us at George’s Burgers if you want to eat a juicy burger prepared by the best chefs. Get in touch with us right away to have the tastiest burgers delivered right to your door.

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