Legacy of the Mom and Pop Restaurant


George’s Burgers is a proud mom and pop local business that has been serving the Santa Monica community for more than 20 years!

In today’s fast-food business, major chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are gaining more and more criticism and notoriety on how badly their food is prepared and the way they handle their business. However, the big bad wolves of the fast-food industry still gross immensely huge profits, but it is the rise of the mom and pop restaurant that only cares about serving fresh ingredients, great food and giving amazing service in their community.

Way Back When

At the tail’s end of WWI, thousands of mom and pop restaurants started to rise in the country and by the 1930s. They finally started to come into their own. They have traveled a long road since their original form: horse-drawn lunch wagons and converted railway cars.

The main difference between a mom and pop restaurant and a major one is that the former strives to be great, to excel in their business and to connect with the public. Major chains do not take much emphasis on quality and trying to be different. It’s a day-day routine for them.

One reason why family-owned businesses work harder is that business is immediately tougher; they struggle more gaining traffic due to recession, competition, or they don’t have the resources to stay afloat to begin with. Nevertheless, these businesses have many qualities that people love and that they favor more than major chains.

More Personal, More Interactive

A lot of family-owned restaurants will have the owner being mostly hands-on throughout service. Their service more about taking the time to please a customer than rushing them to turntables. Building customer relationships is key to a successful restaurant and mom and pop business make that one of their primary concerns.

Another advantage over major chains is that since it is smaller, owners can decorate the interior based on their own personality. Personal antiques, a homey feel is what family owners aim to achieve.

Mom and pop restaurant

George’s Burgers Owner Ted is always a part of the team!

Fresher Ingredients

Finally, the quality of food is a key aspect that a mom and pop restaurant surpasses over a McDonald’s, a KFC or an Olive Garden. Not only is the food will taste better in quality, but it is less detrimental to your health because it is usually made fresh and homemade.

The key factor about a small mom and pop place is their emphasis on “buying local.” This has been a growing trend in the family restaurant community; meat is not processed or bagged, almost everything is made in-house. Having your own business allows you to get creative with the toppings and the seasoning of your menu as well. Because places like Taco Bell and Jack in the Box are corporate, they do not offer their locations the freedom to be creative with their menu.

Long-Time Mom and Pop Restaurant in Santa Monica

George’s Burgers is the finished result of a family dream. The entire family chain was originally founded by Uncle George with each location being family owned and operated. For over 20 years, we have dedicated our work to provide fresh, homemade hamburgers, French fries and breakfast meals to be integral in the community. We take great pride in being the same business since we opened, giving great portions with fabulous flavors at an unbeatable value.

Major fast-food chains heavily rely on marketing and commercials to gain customers, our valued customers and strong word-of-mouth are what kept our doors open for all these years. If you haven’t tried us yet, make sure to stop by our Santa Monica location, and if you are one of our many loyal customers, we can’t wait to see you again!

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