Healthy Meal Substitutes

Changes and substitutions for meals don’t have to come at the cost of lesser taste or diminished texture. There are plenty of healthy and equally tasty options for you to choose from, provided the diner offers them! Maybe you want to consume fewer fats and less grease, or up your vegetable intake a bit. You might simply want to go for the option that won’t weigh down on you or cause you to feel tired if you eat it for lunch. Read more about some healthy meal substitutes and keep your nutrition in top condition!

Zucchini Sticks or Mozzarella Sticks?

mozzarella sticks

Name a better appetizer than mozzarella sticks! Photo by Erika Tanith Pixabay.

Who doesn’t love the deep-fried cheesy crunch of a perfect mozzarella stick? They’re great with marinara or by themselves, and they’re usually served as a quick appetizer for the meal. They even function well on kids’ menus!

But they’re still deep-fried, and for some eaters, the dairy can be disagreeable (those with lactose intolerance tend to stay away from them).  There might even be an excess of grease, which isn’t the healthiest option.

Fried zucchini sticks, though, are a better alternative. True, they’re still fried, but the negative effects of dairy (raised cholesterol, for example) are not present – and zucchini is rife with great nutrients and vitamins.

Grilled Cheese or Cheeseburger?


Cheeseburgers…or turkey cheeseburgers? Photo by Sue Park on Pixabay.

A standard cheeseburger consists of a beef patty, some cheese, and some veggies like lettuce, tomato, and onion. For vegetarians, this is obviously a no-go, but there’s a good way to get around it.

With a grilled cheese sandwich, you can still get the cheesiness of a burger – in fact, you’ll probably get even more – and some toasted bread. Grilled cheese sandwiches also pair well with other toppings, so if you’re looking to retain some of the classics of the cheeseburger, just add them to the grilled cheese!

Turkey Burger or Hamburger?

If you don’t want to abandon the meat entirely, you could opt to move away from red meat in favor of poultry. Turkey is a popular option for hamburgers because it pairs nicely with cheese and takes just as long to cook.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing turkey over beef is the fat content – turkey is much lower in saturated fat, so if you’re concerned about your heart, stick with the bird if you’re serious about healthy meal substitutes.

Grilled Chicken or Pastrami?

Many restaurants offer pastrami sandwiches, but the sodium and fat can deter a lot of people, even though it is a delicious choice. Made properly, pastrami is wonderful – but there are always other choices.

Grilled chicken is the most common meat that people use when they want to lose weight or keep a balanced diet. It’s packed with protein, doesn’t have the grease that drips from fried chicken, and tastes great when a chef knows how to make it juicy!

All and More at George’s Burgers!

At George’s Burgers, we make sure to have as many fully healthy meal substitutes as possible for our customers. We know that some people prefer turkey, some prefer pastrami, some are vegetarian, and some love to mix and match everything on the menu. We’ve got you covered no matter what!

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