Turkey Burger

Constructing the Perfect Turkey Burgers

The Southern California sun is finally beating upon us which means summer has arrived at last. With the simmering new season comes the realization that your summer body has not reached peak form. But fear not, there’s still time. As barbeques begin to fire up and the tantalizing aroma of charred beef tickles your nose, keep that swimsuit in the back of your mind and try opting for a healthier option—the vaunted turkey burger.  To many, turkey burgers are not as appealing as a regular beef burger. But who says turkey burgers cannot be more than just a semi-satiable fall back option?

Keeping Turkey Burgers Juicy

turkey burger

The biggest turn-off when it comes to sinking your teeth into your first-ever turkey burger is the jarring dryness of the meat itself. Turkey, when grounded into a patty is incredibly lean, which is why it makes for such a healthy option when temperatures rise. Most ground beef sold contains around 80-85 percent of lean meat while ground turkey, like Jennie-O’s All-Natural brand, has a 93 to 7 percent lean to fat ratio. Though a higher lean meat content is better for you, the likelihood of a dry burger is high, and this is especially true for turkey burgers.

To avoid biting into a dry turkey burger, it is important to first infuse the meat with several ingredients Taking a page out of the great Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook, mixing in Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, minced onion (or shallots if you’re fancy), and salt & pepper will result in an optimally juicy turkey burger. Another issue that ground turkey burgers often pose is that the patties themselves fall apart either during the cooking process or when eaten. To prevent immediate patty collapse, consider adding one egg to the ground turkey mix will help keep your now-juicy burger from falling apart.

Spice It Up

When cooked correctly and with care, ground turkey tends to be very rich-tasting meat—so rich that it becomes too tiring to eat, unfortunately. This is where your condiments come in to play. However, just go ahead and skip the mustard and ketchup because we’re trying to be health-conscious here—well kind of. We’re topping out juicy turkey burger with a simple-to-make spicy aioli. Just mix one-half cup of mayonnaise with one tablespoon of sriracha and your spicy aioli is ready to spread.

Though the presence of spicy mayo in your burger can help offset the richness of the turkey, consider adding a slice or two of tomato, red onion or pickled slaw for further contrast of flavor.

Buns Matter

Turkey Burger

While a fresh wheat bun or no bun at all can tie a perfectly healthy turkey burger together, we still care about your taste buds. With turkey burgers, you can afford a little bit of room to cheat, which is why a brioche bun would be the perfect addition to your turkey burger or any burger for that matter. While the soft and supple texture of brioche will help emphasize the textures dancing around inside the two buns, its subtly sweet and buttery essence is a nice touch to your now flavorful turkey burger experience.

Now, not everyone has all the time or energy in the world to construct such a perfect turkey burger, but George’s Burgers does. At George’s, we can quickly whip you up a tasty turkey burger (or turkey cheeseburger) so you can feel confident in that bathing suit while still reaping the benefits of a speedy and convenient burger drive-through.

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