Five Great Comfort Foods on a Rainy Day

The cold and the rain is a weather marriage that could either be uninviting or rather welcoming, depending on the individual. We, at George’s Burgers, prefer the latter. January cements the peak of the winter season in Southern California as well as the prime time of the rain season. This is the kind of weather that makes one want to have something warm and comforting when they eat. Thanks to a great list of the best comfort foods in America, we broke it down to five hot and fresh dishes from our menu that would be great comfort foods on a rainy day.

French Fries

An example of great food to nibble on during a rainstorm; our fresh and well-seasoned French fries are highly regarded and a delicious compliment to any main dish that you might be having.


The pancakes are a hearty dose of comfort food that is quintessential for the ultimate breakfast experience. It’s a wonder how so much magic can happen when you mix milk, egg, butter, baking powder and flour. Choose between a combination of two or four pancakes, or a pancake and eggs meal.


George’s Burgers also accommodates another culture with delicious Mexican food such as our freshly made tacos accompanied by pinto beans and rice. It will hit the right spot in your tummy on a rainy afternoon.


The classic American Cheeseburger is a hot and appetizing mess of flavors. This stands out as one of the main stars of our menu.

Grilled Cheese

A simple but classic meal that is the pure definition of the word “comfort.” The crispiness of the buttered bread works so well with the melted cheddar cheese to make an unforgettable classic. Add ham for more additional flavor.

Choosing these items and more from our menu is the right choice for scrumptious comfort foods on a rainy day. As the rainfall increases and the breeze picks up more, head your way to George’s Burgers for a cozy and welcoming breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Find us in a prime spot in Santa Monica near the pier on 3101 Lincoln Blvd.

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