Chicken Dishes at the Diner

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats. It functions well as a main dish with its various parts, and it works great as an addition to complement a meal. It provides a good amount of protein and can be seasoned in myriad ways. There’s always another recipe that involves chicken, but let’s look at these basic chicken dishes you’ll find at almost any diner!

Chicken Burrito

Burritos are ideal meals for people who ware on the go and have a short time to eat. There are often a dozen options to choose from for the ingredients of the burrito, with chicken alone commanding a few – from grilled chicken to chipotle chicken to fried chicken. The burrito will generally consist of chicken with rice, beans, onions, cheese, and more.

Chicken Tacos

chicken taco

Chicken tacos are staples at many Mexican diners! Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash.

“Chicken” in Spanish is “pollo,” and it’s one of the most popular meats that top tacos. A lot of cooks change up how they make the chicken to give the taco a truly unique flavor. Chicken tacos will often be served with onion and cilantro, and you can add any kind of sauce you want – whether the verde made from tomatillos or the roja made from chiles de arbol!

Chicken Quesadilla

Quesadillas are tortillas grilled with cheese, but you can add a lot of different ingredients inside to spice things up. And of course, chicken is one of the perfect ingredients to add. It makes for a great dish that doesn’t risk falling apart as a conventional grilled cheese sandwich would!

Chicken Salad

chicken salad

Chicken salad is a healthy, filling option! Photo by Katka Pavlickova on Unsplash.

Chicken salad functions well in any setting. Need a filling appetizer? Want something light but healthy for lunch? In a hurry and have some leftover vegetables and chicken breast? Chicken salad is the answer for all of these! The texture of the chicken breast is a great complement to the rest of the vegetables in the salad, too.

Chicken Omelet

Omelets are popular breakfast dishes because of the variety of ingredients. When chicken is added to an omelet, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have hit your protein macros for the day.

Chicken Wings

What is a simpler dish than chicken wings? Whether buffalo wings or barbecue wings, you’re guaranteed to love these small bites. Many diners have signature sauces or styles that you can try, too!

Chicken Strips

Chicken strips, or chicken tenders, are fried and often served with honey mustard. They’re a great appetizer for a group of people and a tasty finger food. At most diners, these will be the highest-selling item on the kid’s menu!

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

Nashville fried chicken sandwiches are all the rage, but a simple, healthy grilled chicken breast sandwich is just as filling and much better for you! Most diners keep it simple and add lettuce and tomato, true staples of any sandwich.

Chicken and More at George’s Burgers

At George’s Burgers, we love chicken as much as we love burgers. Next time you stop by, try any of our chicken dishes and see if you come up with a new favorite! Give us a call today or stop by to place an order!

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