California Comfort Food to Suit for Every Taste

pastrami sandwich

Summer California Comfort Food

California comfort food during a hot summer afternoon in Santa Monica or Venice Beach could be just the right ingredient to un-complicate your crazy day. Southern California is full of laid back beaches, big areas, and fun, simple lifestyles. We want our food to reflect on that great quality of Coastal California. A lot of our customers have a favorite food that they like to eat, but at George’s Burgers, we say ‘Why choose the same one?” That’s why our menu boasts a large and diverse array of juicy and flavorful classic foods to keep your taste buds entertained.

We know you like to stick with your own California comfort food, but we believe “variety is the spice of life!”

ham and cheese

Sandwich Favorites

Chances are you’ve tried our B.L.T, turkey breast or ham sandwich, and while they are delicious, there’s still more to check out. Our pastrami sandwich features our trademark delicious pastrami, which has been brined and seasoned to perfection. Are you in the mood for a little beef? Try our delicious steak sandwich and the protein that your body needs. We marinate and grill our steaks just right to ensure that even between two slices of bread you can taste their full flavor in each savory morsel. While some places like to charge an arm and a leg for a good steak, we offer our steak sandwich at an affordable price for the same high quality.

Looking for a healthier alternative? Try our grilled chicken breast sandwich. We’ve marinated the breast to ensure that you still get a satisfying feeling even after our grills have burned the fat off. Of course, the low calories of the grilled chicken breast will be sure to grill the fat off you as well. If you want to get more fish in your diet, we also offer both a traditional fish sandwich and a tuna melt that’s bound to fill you with the fresh taste of the sea.

Good Beef

The burger

Our signature burgers feature perfectly grilled beef patties served with tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce, and Thousand Island dressing. Of course, we have the traditional trio of cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, and the classic hamburger. However, we also offer a mouth-watering burger selection that includes a Pastrami Burger, Avocado Burger, Double Burger, Turkey Burger, Veggie Burger, and the savory Chili Burger. Nothing spells California comfort food better than a plate of burger and crispy French fries. Don’t forget about our hot dogs, chili dogs, and corn dogs too!

Breakfast Comfort

french toast

Our breakfast is available all day, which means extra comfort all the time! From meat and egg plates, breakfast burritos, breakfast burgers, omeletes and breakfast sandwiches, you will always dine in expecting a simple, delicious, and filling breakfast meal here. French toast and pancakes are another favorite breakfast item of ours that delights of customers near the California Coast.

California Comfort Food Close to the Beach

george's exterior

In short, we’ve got it all. At George’s Burgers, we love to make our portions so big that you would have to take the leftovers and eat it for another meal! A meal should never stay with you less than the time it took for you to eat it. Check it out, come down today while the summer is on a high, enjoy some delectable California comfort food with us, and then hit the waves!

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