The Best Burger-Eating Techniques for You to Use!


Prevent the Mess

Hamburgers can get messy. You know it’s true. With the grease, the condiments, the meat, and the cheese; hamburgers are made to be finger foods and if you look like a slob while eating them, then so be it. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way of dwindling the mess made from devouring a juicy burger. It is undeniably possible. Just in case you don’t want to spoil your new pants or have your burger break apart in your hands, here are useful burger-eating techniques without making a big mess.

Life-Changing Burger-Eating Technique


The perfect burger-eating technique demonstrated on Honmadekka!? TV.

Universally, people eat and grab their burgers about the same way: two thumbs under the bottom of the bun and the rest of the fingers on the very top. However, that method could result in your burger possibly falling apart and a mess on your hands. If we told you that there were researchers who spent 16 weeks scientifically figuring out the perfect way to hold a burger, would you believe it? It’s true! Some years ago, the Japanese TV show “Honma Dekka!?” invited three experts, from fields in engineering, fluid mechanics, and dentistry, to show the perfect way to hold a burger. Scientific research? Oh yes! They did a 3D scan of a large hamburger and figured out how the particles interacted while holding and eating it. They found the absolute perfect burger-eating technique: All thumbs and pinkies at the bottom and three fingers on top. The main effect of this technique is that the contents of the burgers won’t spill out of its backside. Thank god for science!!

Hold Your Burger Gently


At the same time, eating a burger, no matter how you hold it, do not squeeze it too tight. If you do, condiments and juices will start to spill out. Your poor, poor clothes. Hold your burger softly to help prevent any leakage.

Slice It


Sometimes, a burger can be so big that it’ll be too difficult for your mouth to take a bite. It will be easier and cleaner if you cut up your burger instead, into halves or quarter sizes. It’ll be like making your own sliders. Yummy! Although we’re suggesting using a knife and fork to cut up your burger, DO NOT use a knife and fork to EAT your burger! Just some friendly advice, hamburgers are always meant to be picked up with your hands and eaten.

Give Your Jaw a Stretch

Last piece of advice: try warming up your muscles before chowing down on your burgers. Do this simply by opening and closing your mouth a few times. Burgers can sometimes dislocate or injure your jaw if it’s oversized enough. And no, we’re not kidding about that!

Put These Burger-Eating Techniques to the Test

There are more burger-eating etiquette rules that should already be obvious. Things like wrapping a burger to keep your hands clean, chewing with your mouth closed, and not talking with your mouth full. George’s Burgers welcomes you to practice these burger-eating techniques with our vast selection of delectable hamburgers. Our burgers come at a low cost, but the sizes are immense (like our 1/4lbs. Hamburger). Can you tackle these mammoths without making a mess? We can’t wait to see you try.

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