Best 6 Breakfast in West LA in 2023

The most significant meal of the day doesn’t need to be difficult to prepare. For breakfast that readily fills you up, take a seat at one of these tried-and-true local establishments. The best breakfast spots in West Los Angeles in 2023 are listed below.

  • George’s Burgers: The best breakfast in West LA since 1995

Among the breakfast spots in Los Angeles, George’s Burgers is the best of the best. Every day, the establishment is committed to delivering food that will gratify your hunger while ensuring that the flavor of its food keeps you going back for more.

George’s Burgers provides a welcoming atmosphere for those searching for the best hamburger in Los Angeles with minimal fuss. A hamburger in Los Angeles can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but George’s Burgers provides a superb hamburger. The restaurant ambiance is fully relaxed, making it ideal for a lunch break, a gathering with friends, or even dinner.

The breakfast menu here is rich, meaning you will find something that you will really appreciate. Examples of breakfast items on the menu here at George’s Burger are the Burger Patty, Bacon & Eggs, Steak & Eggs, French Toast & Eggs, Pancakes & Eggs, French Toast, Egg Burrito, Chorizo & Egg, and Eggs Sandwich.

If you have kids, George’s Burgers has something special for them. You can order a Pancake & an egg or French Toast & 1 Egg just for the kids.

You can either visit the spot or order for delivery, whichever is more convenient for you.

  • The Little Red Hen Coffee Shop

Barbara Shay manages this popular neighborhood hangout. Locals flock here for the filling “Hen Special,” which features a choice of protein (sausage, bacon, beef hotlink, or chicken patty); two eggs; a toast, English muffin, and biscuit; and grits, hash browns, or home fries. The cheesy shrimp and grits from this place are very delicious and can cure any ailment.

  • Early Bite by Nat

On any given sunday, one could drive down Burbank Boulevard and discover a filled parking lot of diners preparing to bite into big platters of pancakes and chilaquiles. Nat’s Early Bite is typically crowded, but it’s worth stopping by for moderately priced breakfast classics and spongey muffins.

  • Lisa’s Coffee Shop

It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate this retro diner in Covina. Lisa’s always has a way about it, from its consistently outstanding food to its retro atmosphere. The Filler Up, which comes with bacon, eggs, sausage, and potatoes, as well as your choice of gravy and biscuits, and a short collection of pancakes or French toast, is the way to go.

  • John O’ Groats

This long-standing daytime establishment in Rancho Park, feels like a farm cottage transplanted into a LA neighborhood. The biscuits are a big appeal here, available in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip and bacon cheddar, while eggs and pancakes dominate the remainder of the breakfast menu. To enjoy a leisurely breakfast, pull up to the counter and order some coffee, then enjoy it as you soak in a relaxed morning meal.

  • Diner Ronnie’s

This open, airy café in Marina del Rey offers the usual breakfast fare, including pancakes, French toast, eggs, and cups of strong coffee. However, the menu goes over and beyond by including the Veggie Royale (3 egg whites scrambled with vegetables over brown rice) and honey-spiked gluten-free pancakes in its “Healthy Things” section.

Final Word

There you go! These are among the top breakfast spots you should try in 2023. Be sure you won’t be let down. In particular, George’s Burger offers the best breakfast in LA, and of course, and in a variety so you can choose what suits you.

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