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All the Different Chicken Parts

Chicken is one of the most popular food items in the world; it has nutritional value and can be cooked with literally almost anything. With this versatility, it can come in many different shapes and forms: whole or cut up, with or without bones, with or without skin and more. Understanding the different chicken parts is vital, as each part has a purpose and can be cooked a certain way.

Whole Chicken

The whole chicken consists of several parts: breast, leg, wings and more. It can come fresh or frozen and with or without bones, and it has both red and white meat. The whole fowl or its different parts can be roasted, baked, grilled, fried, sautéed and more, depending on your dish.

Most people use the leftover carcass to make chicken broth.

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The breast can come with or without bones and skin. The meat here is white, low in fat and generally dry. It also has the most amount of meat, besides the leg.

There are unlimited possibilities for cooking chicken breast. It can go in ovens, pots and pans. The breast itself can be whole, halved or quartered. Chicken fillets, strips and tenders all come from the breast.

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The leg is broken into two more parts: the thigh and the drumstick. Usually, the leg includes bone and skin. The leg has dark meat and is juicy and fatty. It also has the most amount of meat, besides the breast.

The thigh is found on the upper part of the leg. It can come with or without bone and skin. It is the juiciest chicken part.

The drumstick, which is found in the lower part of the leg beneath the knee, can also come with or without bones. This dark meat is good for frying or baking.

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Wings are a popular snack, though they don’t have much meat. Wings can be broken into three additional pieces: the drumette, the wingette, or flat, and the wingtip, or flapper.

The most popular type of wings is Buffalo wings, and it usually comes with different types of sauces.

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Other Chicken Parts

Keep in mind that most of these parts are considered delicacies.

Chicken feet have little meat on them and are mostly eaten for the skin and cartilage.

The giblets are organs consisting of the heart, gizzards and liver. The liver is used often in stews.

The head, neck and back are all considered delicacies. The neck and back have a high-fat content, which is good for gravies and stews.

Chicken oysters are small, round pieces of dark meat found on the back near the thigh.

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