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Would you like to know more about us? George’s Burgers was created by a family dream. Founded by Uncle George, each of our four locations is family owned and operated, from San Bernadino to Santa Monica. It all started with a hamburger, and our dedication to quality grew just like the size of our portions. We believe that grabbing a burger should be an adventure in taste, and it shouldn’t hurt your wallet, either. George’s Burgers provides Santa Monica with breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day every day because no customer’s options should ever be limited by the time of day.

What is it about us that makes George’s Burgers stand out from the rest? For one, since we’ve opened, nothing has changed but the sign. For 18 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing portions that will satisfy (and then some) with flavors that will bring you back for more. Ask any of our friends and neighbors in the Santa Monica community about us and they will tell you they love us because we deliver the same quality they have loved for years with unbeatable value on the Westside. Whether you’re from Northern California, Southern California, or even out of state, just hop on the I-10 freeway and make your way to George’s Burgers for one of the best burgers in LA.

National restaurant chains have the benefit of marketing departments blasting your television with commercials, and displaying their banners on the sides of buses. “Eat here, it’s the best,” they say; and, “We’re better than the competition!” Small restaurants don’t have the same opportunities; we rely on word of mouth to bring in new customers. At George’s Burgers, we don’t pay people to tell you about us; we leave that to the legions of loyal customers who have been dining with us since we opened 18 years ago. And they’re pretty vocal about us!

Want to know what people have been saying about us? We’ve been called “an underrated hole in the wall,” “neighborhood classic,” the “best value” in Los Angeles, and “inexpensive without sacrificing quality.” We’re proud of our status as a Los Angeles eatery that only “in the know” diners have discovered.

George’s Burgers offers an ambiance amenable to patrons looking for the best hamburger in Los Angeles with no hassle. A hamburger in LA can come in all shapes and sizes, but George’s Burgers offers a great hamburger without any fuss. The restaurant atmosphere is completely casual, the perfect place to stop for your lunch break, with friends, or even for dinner.

In the 18 years our Santa Monica location has been open, we’ve maintained the same flavorful, juicy hamburger, and even the same product distributors. We make most of our product right at our Santa Monica location, breading and frying all of our onion rings and zucchini sticks ourselves instead of shipping them frozen. At George’s Burgers we bring a strong sense of family-minded reliability to Los Angeles casual dining. On any given afternoon, you can find the owner, Ted, working behind the register or behind the grill, catching up with regular customers, or just working as one of the staff.

Our owner Ted has worked at George’s Burgers since he was 13 years old. He started as a busboy, and then learned the registers, how to cook, and how to manage before taking over the ownership position from his father. He knows George’s Burgers inside and out and is committed to enhancing the dining experience for all of our customers, even helping out by offering a suggestion for which item on the menu to try for first-time customers.

Come to George’s Burgers in Santa Monica to understand why our burgers are considered some of the best in Los Angeles and why our customers have so many great things to say about us. We’ve got a retro look, feel, and taste that will take you back to the good ol’ days—with the good ol’ prices to match.

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