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7 Dishes with Eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile dishes, as we’ve already told you. Now that you’re an eggs-pert on preparing them, it’s time to add them to other dishes. They perfectly complement meat, and they’re also a staple for vegetarian dishes. Plus, they’re not just for breakfast, so you can add them to any mealtime and be satisfied. Let’s check out these 7 dishes with eggs!

Egg Salad

Egg salad is a perfect appetizer. There are a lot of recipes, but you can add mayonnaise, green onions, celery, mustard, and more to make a creamy meal to have before your main course. It goes well at barbecues alongside potato salad, too, and can be the perfect light snack for lunch if you’re on the go.

Egg Burrito

For many, dishes with eggs can get boring if they’re eaten the same way all the time. Why not wrap them in a tortilla with some cheese and other ingredients for a great breakfast egg burrito?

Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwich

This is a good egg to bread ratio, isn’t it? Photo by thurstontl on Unsplash.

Just like egg burritos, but a different kind grain. The good thing about sandwiches is you can, again, add a lot of different ingredients (like a ham and egg sandwich, or if you’re in New Jersey, a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich). And the bread of choice can change everything! White bread, whole wheat, multi-grain, brioche, sourdough, pumpernickel – experiment with your bread and see what tastes best. You might fall in love with a lightly toasted egg sandwich made of rye bread; you never know.

Steak and Eggs

Red Meat and Eggs

What a combination of juiciness from the steak and the yolk! Photo by
Nathaniel Yeo on Unsplash.

Adding eggs to your steak (or having a steak and egg sandwich) is a great way to mix up dinner (or breakfast). There are a lot of options for the kind of steak you use, but most commonly, people choose rib eye or sirloin steaks. Prep your meat however you want it, whether rare or well done, and dip it in the yolk for a great tasting combination!

Sausage and Eggs

And so we reach the breakfast realm, where dishes with eggs dominate. Sausage comes in a lot of varieties. Standard pork and beef options are great choices, but so are poultry selections like chicken and turkey. Sweet sausage and hot sausage both give you different flavors, too. You can keep the sausage as a link or cut it up into small pieces.

Chorizo and Eggs

Less common as a breakfast meat yet still delicious, chorizo is a great option to serve with eggs. Add your onions and some beans for a wonderful mix! Also, there’s a vegetarian option in soyrizo, which is a great substitution.

Bacon and Eggs

There may not be a more iconic partner to eggs than bacon. By themselves, they create a perfect meal, and added together, they are a fantastic addition to burgers, sandwiches, and omelets. Whether you like your bacon crispy and crumbling or light and pliable, you can pair it with eggs any such way. For those who don’t eat pork, though, turkey bacon is a good option, and you may find new flavor combinations you didn’t know you loved before.

Dishes with Eggs and More at George’s Burgers

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