The Great American Burger: A Brief History

Burgers are one of America's most popular foods but where did they originate? Why are they called hamburgers yet they don’t have any ham? Historians believe that the name hamburger originated in Hamburg, German, where it was first created and enjoyed before it was brought...

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The 12 Best Toppings and Sauces for Your Burger

Few foods can compete with the traditional American burger. It's a crowd-pleaser thanks to its juicy patty, crispy vegetables, and soft bun. But what makes it stand out? The toppings and sauces are what truly distinguish a great burger. Here are some of the best...

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Top Tips for Preparing Tasty Burgers

In principle, creating burgers is a straightforward process: purchase your beef, mold it into a patty, spice it, then cook it on the stovetop or grill. However, paying attention to a few factors will elevate your burgers from decent to extraordinary. These 5 tips will help you make...

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Best 6 Breakfast in West LA in 2023

The most significant meal of the day doesn't need to be difficult to prepare. For breakfast that readily fills you up, take a seat at one of these tried-and-true local establishments. The best breakfast spots in West Los Angeles in 2023 are listed below. George’s...

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hot wings

5 Flavors of Chicken Wings You Need to Try

Chicken wings are one of the most popular dishes across the country. They’re served as appetizers, as main courses, and as side dishes. There are entire restaurants dedicated to serving only chicken wings, and many popular programs encourage experimenting and pushing boundaries (like Hot Ones,...

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Chicken Dishes at the Diner

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats. It functions well as a main dish with its various parts, and it works great as an addition to complement a meal. It provides a good amount of protein and can be seasoned in myriad ways. There’s...

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Healthy Meal Substitutes

Changes and substitutions for meals don’t have to come at the cost of lesser taste or diminished texture. There are plenty of healthy and equally tasty options for you to choose from, provided the diner offers them! Maybe you want to consume fewer fats and...

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tuna salad

Recipes to Cook with Tuna

We all know that tuna fish is known as the “chicken of the sea.” This is primarily due to the brand Chicken of the Sea, whose fisherman believed white albacore tuna was very similar in flavor and color to the flightless bird’s meat. Add to...

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An egg in a plate

7 Dishes with Eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile dishes, as we’ve already told you. Now that you’re an eggs-pert on preparing them, it’s time to add them to other dishes. They perfectly complement meat, and they’re also a staple for vegetarian dishes. Plus, they’re not just...

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