The Craziest Burger Creations

A burger is endlessly customizable. The number of patties, the condiments, the ingredients – all of those can change based on the restaurant. Some places serve burgers with eggs, with chili, with even peanut butter and bananas! We at George’s Burgers believe in doing simple...

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4 Burger Toppings that Completely Change your Meal

4 Burger Toppings That Change your Meal!

Everyone knows how amazing an old fashion American cheeseburger can be, but what about that one burger topping that will take it to a whole other level? There are a few ingredients that are so distinctive they completely change the flavor of the burger and...

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The Perfect Cheeseburger is up to you!

Building the Perfect Cheeseburger

At George’s Burgers, we have a variety of different options on our menu. The expansive menu does not, and should not, overshadow our “bread and butter” dish that this great establishment was built on. Cheeseburgers can be crafted in many different ways. Additions like bacon,...

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A Glimpse Into Our Presidents’ Favorite Foods

Presidential Appetite The president of the United States, although the most powerful person in the country, is just a regular person like us. Our president could love sports, love spending time with their kids, love watching movies, but above all, has affection for the taste of...

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